signet rings
and heraldic engraving

As a specialist in heraldic engraving and parchment painting, Benneton designs and reproduces emblems and coats of arms.

The company is also famous for engraving signet rings and intaglio etching hard, precious and semi-precious stones,
monograms and coats of arms

signet rings and coat-of-arms engravings

Our coat-of-arms signet rings for men or for women, bearing initials or any other design, are intricately engraved on gold or stone and delivered with a wax seal.

Benneton has been crafting signet rings engraved with the coats of arms of the great French and foreign families for a century. Crafted in rose, white or yellow gold, they are designed to be both lightweight and dense, meaning that they can be beautifully engraved and do not age prematurely.

The current trend, particularly among women, is to engrave coats of arms into the shoulders of the signet ring.

Benneton Graveur also has another speciality that is very popular both in France and abroad whereby it crafts new rings from existing ones. These pieces are priced to order.

Last but not least, we can satisfy those who are in the market for something a little more original and exclusive with an intaglio-etched semi-precious stone ring, set in gold, complete with stone and engraving of the customer’s choice: quartz, lapis lazuli, garnet, blood jasper, carnelian, blue or red nicolo, chrysoprase, rock crystal or even sapphire.

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    A printed or engraved laid paper bookplate glued to the inside of the flyleaf of a book has become a mark of belonging where collectors are concerned, and might also bear the name of the owner, their coat of arms and their motto. We can tailor your bespoke bookplate to suit your tastes.

    heraldic painting

    Heraldic art in the form of drawings and paintings represents the science of heraldry. Drawings or paintings of coats of arms depict the family’s coat of arms and its motto.

    Drawings of coats of arms can be used for engravings.

    hand-painted pebbles

    Benneton Graveur’s personalized hand-painted pebbles are exceptional objects that decorate the workspace.

    Placed on the desk or on the piece of furniture of your choice, the pebble paperweight will naturally find its place.

    Heraldic paintings, coats of arms, with bestiaries, original and personalized.

    wax seals

    Add a personal touch to your documents, invitations and envelopes with a personalised seal featuring your coat of arms or your initials or logo.

    Elegant and authentic, a wax seal is perfect for personalising and securing your documents.

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