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Bring a touch of sentiment to your living space and your office with our unique pieces that will make the perfect year-round addition to your environment.

A guest book is a great way to remember precious words and good intentions: a testimony, a thought, or perhaps a few lines to express your gratitude, affection or support at the important moments in life.

Magnifying glass and paper knife: the perfect additions to your desk, these exquisite pieces beautifully showcases the graphic qualities of the salamander, this mythical animal that, over time, has come to be endowed with supernatural powers

our bespoke products

Custom hand-painted pebbles are exquisite pieces to adorn the workspace, with a pebble paperweight making the perfect addition to your desk or any other piece of furniture.

Our elegantly designed desktop presses are authentic works of art in their own right, creating a sharp, high-quality blind embossed seal for your letterheads and footers.

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