The signet rings and The engraving of heraldic arms

Our upgraded signet rings , those with initials or with any other pattern , for either a man or a woman , are very finely engraved on gold or on a stone and are supplied with a wax seal .

For a century now Benetton has signed signet rings engraved with the heraldic arms of both important french and foreign families.

Made in pink, white, or yellow gold they are designed to be both light and dense in such a way as to allow for a beautiful engraving and to be hard wearing.

All the engravings on gold and all the intaglios on stones are unique and hand made in our studios. Benetton Graveur has another speciality which is very appreciated both in France and abroad : rings carved following ancient models. These are made on the basis of a quote.

Finally, for clients seeking both novelty and exclusivity Benetton also creates rings with initials on stones set with gold.
The client chooses both the stones and the engravings:Lapis lazuli, garnet, blood jasper, carnelian, blue or red nicolo, chrysoprase, rock crystal or even sapphire.

Gravure chevalière Benneton

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