Intaglios on stones

To make your stunning jewel with the desired engraving we will assist you in the choice of your stone of our unique model and made to measure in pink, white, or yellow gold, with a setting and shoulders that you like and that match the size of the setting.

Our intaglios are of the highest quality.

We offer you signet rings for men with either oval settings or antique ones and signet rings for women with closely studied and harmonious frames adapted to your engravings depending on your choice of intaglio .
Numerous choices available : Ecu, Couronne ou Heaume, Lambrequins, Cimier, Devise…

Different sizes of oval frames are available :
10×8 mm, 11×9 mm, 12×10 mm, 13×11 mm, 14×12 mm, 16×13 mm

As are different sizes for antique frames :
11×9 mm, 12×10 mm, 13×11 mm, 14×12 mm, 15×13 mm, 16×14 mm

All the signet rings are produced in 18 carat gold.

Finally and to satisfy our clients seeking both novelty and exclusivity Benetton also creates rings with an intaglio on semi precious stones set in gold with both a stone and an engraving chosen by the client : Lapis lazuli, garnet, blood jasper, carnelian, blue or red nicolo, chrysoprase, rock crystal or even sapphire

To enable us to propose a quote you simply need to let us know if you want a signet ring for a man or for a woman, the kind of frame that you want, as well as the kind of stone.

Also include your heraldic arms or a heraldic description with either a PDF or JPEG file (maximum file size : 128 MB).

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