Tribute to Antoine-Louis Barye

Fine, translucent brown patina revealing the characteristics of the alloy.

Original size of the bronze: height: 14cm, length: 1cm, width: 6cm

Weight: 710g

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Benneton Graveur Editions is proud to present a bronze art reproduction of ‘HARE ON THE LOOK-OUT’, a masterpiece of classical animal art, by Barye.

This hare, sculpted by Antoine-Louis Barye (1796-1875) in the mid-19th century, really showcases the talent of this great animal master and iconic Romantic sculptor to its full extent.

Barye was a student of Antoine Gros and later Eugène Delacroix, who accompanied him to the Jardin des Plantes and had him craft his first animal sculptures.

Barye crafted a number of true and anatomically accurate masterpieces over the course of his career, expressing a perfect mastery of the art of reproducing movements and portraying character.

The pieces are numbered from 1 to 500/500 and bear the ‘Benneton Graveur Éditions’ stamp Benneton Graveur, Paris, art publisher and engraver since 1880.

As the colour of the items displayed on the screen may vary according to your computer settings, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see is perfectly true to life.

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